Anton Milan
I studied Computer Science and Philosophy at the University of Bonn. I worked as an architectural and industral visualizer in Germany and in the computer graphics industry in Australia before joining TU Darmstadt as a PhD student, where I was co-supervised by Konrad Schindler and Stefan Roth. I received my PhD in May 2013, after which I visited the PRML group at the Hokkaido University in Japan. Since 2014 I am a post-doctoral researcher at the Australian Centre for Visual Technologies (ACVT) at the University of Adelaide, supervised by Ian Reid.

I have lived on four different continents and traveled to over 60 countries, so it is fair to say that traveling is one of my greater passions. I am also interested in scuba diving, hiking, biking, badminton and photography. Besides, I'm always open to meet new people. You can also find me on ...
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Brief Bio

2014 - present
Senior researcher at the ACVT at the University of Adelaide, Australia
05/2016 -- 09/2016
Visiting researcher at the AIS group at the University of Bonn, Germany
06/2015 -- 09/2015
Visiting researcher at the Remote Sensing group at ETH, Switzerland
06/2013 -- 10/2013
Visiting researcher at the PRML group at Hokkaido University, Japan
2010 -- 2013
PhD student at the Visual Inference group at TU Darmstadt, Germany
2009 -- 2010
PhD student at the Image Understanding group at TU Darmstadt, Germany
2008 -- 2009
Shader developer at Luminova, Australia
2008 -- 2009
Visiting student at the UPV, Spain
2003 -- 2008
Diplom in Computer Science at the University of Bonn, Germany
2006 -- 2007
Student Assistant at the University of Bonn, Germany


My full CV is available here


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